Fashion Models

The Kelly brookbegan his career of shaped as a model to the age of 16 years after gaining a contest of beauty it was written to his mother. She was employed at several publicity campaigns for Renault Megane, the light Beer of Foster, Piz Buin, Bravissimo, Walker's French fries, and more. This is a sultry model with a bigger figure. She was put in a list in the magazines GQ, FHM and Loaded. Grazia's magazine of voting for more than 5000 women for the Creek of Kelly, the best feminine British body, and she headed to the First 100 women sexiest FHM in the world. It does model of commercial suits of bath, hosiery, bras of sports. The Creek of Kelly is also a partially naked extension of 10 pages with the renowned Photographer David Bailey. This at present has more million the dollars contract with the spray of body of Axe, also acquaintance as the Lynx.

Kristy Hume is a Scotch model, which became prominent when she was in his early adolescence. The Hume it is known for his career of shaped that is the way the model with Secret of Victoria, Gucci, and Channel has introduced the winter and autumn collection to. for Gucci in Milan, Italy. He now lives in Woodstock, New York and being is known seen use Birkenstocks and dye of bond. She is 32 years old and already in the shaped one. His career was the guessed right model interior clothes of Victoria's secret and clothes. Kristy Hume assisted many events in the past in the center of the attention in parties and different places.

Jourdan Dunn was born in London, England, and is only 19-year-old.  It was discovered upon doing of purchases in Management of Storm.  Jourdan Dunn was one of the first black model Never carry a walk of trail of Prada during more than ten years.  It is known for beautiful the legs and its walk in very high-heeled shoes.  Its presentation in the trace happened in the autumn of 2007, walking Marc Jacobs and the Pole Ralph Lauren.  Was in the Italian Fashion, Fashion and English.  Was more than 90 expositions in the spring of 2009.  Jourdan Dunn is The popular and very busy model, that is now in the front of the profession of model.  4.  Agyness Deyn

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